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RENEX | Kidney Health Supplement
by Dynamic Nutritional Associates (DNA Labs)

Designed to Support Healthy Kidney Functions.

As one of the key organs of elimination, the kidneys help the body process and eliminate waste products and toxins. Renex, a targeted dietary supplement, supports healthy kidney function in the following ways:
•  Inflammation – Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Pancreatin, Buchu, Uva-Ursi
•  Kidney Stones – Vitamin B6, Asparagus, Corn Silk, Hydrangea, Buchu, Parsley, Dandelion, Sweet Goldenrod, Uva-Ursi
•  Minerals – Potassium, Dulse, Watercress, Dandelion
•  Diuretic – Asparagus, Corn Silk, Hydrangea, Buchu, Parsley, Dandelion, Sweet Goldenrod
•  Anti-microbial – Buchu, Uva-Ursi
•  Normal organ function – Kidney Substance, Heart Substance, Liver Substance

USA Made. DNA Supplements are manufactured to FDA compliance standards in a GMP certified facility.

HERBAL INTEGRITY: Herbs are organically grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides.
Dynamic Nutritional Associates (DNA Labs) Renex Supplement Facts

Contains no sugar, starch, soy, yeast, corn or any other known allergens. Free of preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring.

Size: 90 Vegetable Capsules


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