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CompliMed Grass Pollen

CompliMed Grass Pollen

CompliMed Grass Pollen

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Homeopathic formula designed to help with runny nose and sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, sinus congestion and hay fever.


Adrenalinum (Adrenaline) 6X

Allium cepa (Red Onion) 6X

Arsenicum Iodatum (Arsenic Iodide) 6X

Euphrasia (Eyebright) 6X

Histaminum (Histamine) 12X

Sabadilla officinarum (Sevadilla) 6X

Sanguinaria canadensis (Blood Root) 6X

Allersodes: Redtop; Brome (Cheat) Grass; Orchard Grass;

Rye; Corn; Perennial Rye Grass; Bermuda Grass; Meadow Fescue;

Oat; Kentucky Blue Grass; Timothy Grass; Wheat; all at 12X


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